Three Easy Steps

Step One:

Choose a clear space

Make sure you complete your Lock & Rollin checklist. A Clear Space

Preferably you should choose an unobstructed space with no existing floor in your attic.

Measure and Slide

One package of Lock & Rollin covers 16 square feet. Slats can easily slide apart for a customized fit in smaller areas. measure

Easily Carry

One package of Lock & Rollin coils into a roll approximately 12" around,
making carrying it up into your tight attic opening a breeze. Easily Carry

Step Two:


Align Lock & Rollin edge to the center of the joist: not the joist's edge.
This ensures that subsequent lengths of Lock & Rollin roll out neatly next to the first with plenty of joist left to hold them securely. Align


Simply unroll Lock & Rollin along the length of the joists like a yoga mat.

Step Three:

Secure Lock & Rollin

Secure Lock & Rolling attic flooring with the provided screws using your power screwdriver with a #2 philips style bit. Simply snug down gently until the screw head recesses into the countersunk recess, no drilling required. move in

Move In

Your space is now ready for your stuff.
Lock & Rollin Attic Solutions provides you with storage options that make your new space even more organized. move in
  • STEP 1 - The Details
  • STEP 2 - Install
  • STEP 3 - Organize
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